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British Delegate at U.N. Foresees Israel’s Withdrawal from Sinai

Sir Pierson Dixon, chairman of the British delegation here, told the Security Council today that ultimately Israel will have to withdraw its forces from the “neighborhood of the Suez Canal,” and that Britain “would not, could not condone Israel occupation of Egypt.” Sir Pierson made his statement regarding Israel in the course of answering Soviet charges of “a conspiracy” among Britain, France and Israel.

“In the past few months,” Sir Pierson said, “our relations with Israel have been strained. Only a few days ago, the representative of Israel had some sharp words to say here about my words in behalf of Jordan.” Declaring that Britain “has no hesitation in regarding the Israel incursion across the Egyptian border as a violation of the armistice agreement,” the British delegate said that nevertheless “the danger of a major clash between Israel and Egypt had become more imminent than since the armistice.” He hinted broadly that Britain had definite information that Israel faced Arab aggression before it invaded Egypt.