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Arrival of Oil Makes Lifting of Restrictions Possible in Israel

Restrictions on the movement of taxis in Israel were lifted today in the wake of the delivery of 15, 500 tons of crude oil at Elath. It was also announced that for the Passover holidays fuel restrictions imposed after the Sinai campaign will be lifted and may become permanent. Cuts in the use of electricity in homes and factories are expected to be restored shortly.

Transportation of crude oil from the Near East to Elath and then overland to Haifa for refining will cut the cost by about four dollars a ton as compared to bringing it around the Cape of Good Hope. Israeli plans for expansion of Elath’s oil facilities call for it to be ready to take 5, 000, 000 tons of oil annually by the end of 1958 as against its present receiving capacity of 800, 000 tons a year.