Israel Military Officers Disciplined for False Call-up of Reserves
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Israel Military Officers Disciplined for False Call-up of Reserves

Two Israel Army brigadiers — officers of highest rank in the defense forces — were disciplined today as the men responsible for the army reserve call-up, broadcast April 1. The call-up was interpreted as a mobilization, and caused panic in this country and concern abroad.

The officers are Brig. Meir Zorea, in charge of defense forces administration; and Brig. Jehosophat Harkavy, chief of intelligence. By order of the Cabinet, which held a special meeting today on the false alarm incident, Premier Ben Gurion, in his capacity as Defense Minister, transferred the officers to other posts.

Both officers were criticized for “failure to carry out exact instructions, and failure to submit the plan ad timing of the call-up broadcast. ” The Cabinet, which met for the third time on the issue, specified, however, that both officers shall retain their present ranks. A spokesman for the Cabinet emphasized that the criticism against the two brigadiers and the decision to transfer them does not reflect on the personalities of the officers.

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