Lehman Warns West of Need for Careful Appraisal of Arab Nationalism
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Lehman Warns West of Need for Careful Appraisal of Arab Nationalism

Former Senator Herbert H. Lehman warned today that United Arab Republic President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s critical situation “may move him to acts of desperation dangerous to the interest of the free world. “

(The Zurich newspaper Tages Anzeiger said in an editorial today that a danger existed to Israel in the power fight between the United Arab Republic and Iraq. It said that “Col. Nasser, in a desperate attempt to seize back the reins that are escaping from his grasp, may plunge into an adventure against Israel in order to gather the Arab States around him once more. “)

Addressing an audience at the Hebrew University. Mr. Lehman urged the West to appreciate the legitimate elements of Arab nationalism but he warned that the West “must not go to he other extreme of surrendering to every demand trade in the name of Arab nationalism. ” He pointed out that “nationalism does not grant any Arab State license to violate the United Nations charter by aggression, subversion and intimidation of its neighbors.”

Mr. Lehman said that in recent months the Western nations had begun to “understand that Arab nationalism is not necessarily synonymous with Nasserism, but it still remains to be clearly understood in the West that the difference between Nasserism and Arab nationalism is certainly greater than the difference between Nasserism and Communism. “