Middle East is Danger Spot, U. N. Commander Tells Troops

Lt. Gen. E. L. M. Burns, Commander of the United Nations Emergency Force guarding the Gaza Strip border and a strategic sector of the Gulf of Akaba shoreline facing Israel’s water-route to its port of Eilat, feels that the world peace is “precarious” because of the Middle East situation.

This was indicated by him today in a report from the town of Gaza, Gen. Burns’ headquarters, where he delivered a short speech during a ceremony presenting medals to a unit of Swedish soldiers serving with UNEF. In addressing the troops, at the conclusion of a parade, he said:

“As you know, the Middle East is one of the danger spots of the world, where peace is precarious, and where a flare-up would have results that are incalculable. The United Nations has placed you here to prevent such a disaster.”