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Rockwell, Nine Aides Sentenced in New Orleans for Picketing ‘exodus’

American Nazi Party leader George Rockwell and nine of his “stormtroopers” were found guilty last night of unduly alarming the public and of conspiring to breach the peace while picketing a local theater here last month during a showing of the film ” Exodus. ” The ten Nazis were given varying jail terms.

Rockwell, who was sentenced to 60 days in jail and fined $100, was released under a $1,000 bond to appear in court in his home town of Arlington, Va. , to answer charges of failing to pay alimony. Three of Rockwell’s “lieutenants, ” including Seth D. Ryan, secretary of the party, were given 45-day jail sentences and fined $75 each. The other six were sentenced to 30 days in Jail and fined $50 each.