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Liberal Party Joins Mapai-led Municipal Coalition in Tel Aviv

After discussions lasting several weeks, the Liberal Party in this city decided last night, by a vote of 43 to 31, to join the municipal government’s coalition, led by the Mapai Party. The coalition includes Mapai, the Liberals, the left-wing parties, and the religious groups.

By joining the coalition, the Liberals, with eight scats in the Municipal Council, will become the second largest faction in the municipal government, Mapai leading with 11 seats. Mayor Mordecai Namir, of Mapai, continues as head of the municipal government.

The dispute in regard to the Liberal participation in the coalition had been precipitated several weeks ago, when one of the Liberals on the council, M. Stern, resigned from the body. He had argued that, by joining the coalition, the Liberals would lose the opportunity to recapture the mayoralty of Tel Aviv, largest city in Israel.