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East Germany Criticized for Failure to Indemnify Nazi Victims

The East German Government was criticized here by Dr. Nehemiah Robinson, research expert of the World Jewish Congress, for failing to indemnify Nazi victims. In “The Institute Anniversary Volume,” published here today in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the WJC’s Institute of Jewish Affairs, Dr. Robinson noted that, while West Germany has taken steps to provide a measure of indemnification to Nazi victims, “no program worth mentioning was even contemplated” in East Germany, where such action “is regarded as contrary to the aims of the regime.”

The WJC expert said that, while laws to make available heirless Jewish property for use by responsible successor organizations have been enacted in some states, no progress has been made so far in Switzerland. The amount involved is estimated to total millions of dollars. In the United States, he said, final action is still outstanding as regards the Federal Government and nothing has been done on the state level.