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Trade Union Leaders Back Link Between Israel and Common Market

A resolution supporting early negotiations for a link between Israel and the Common Market was adopted here today by the executive board of the trade unions in the six Common Market countries affiliated with the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.

The board adopted the resolution after hearing statements from two Israeli trade union leaders whom it had invited to its meeting. The Israeli labor spokesmen were Aharon Becker, secretary-general of Histadrut, the Israel Federation of Labor; and G. M. Nelman, Histadrut’s European representative. They discussed the serious implications of the lack of an Israel link with the Common Market on the Israeli workers and on Israel’s entire economy. The board’s resulting resolution stated:

“The Executive Board of the Secretariats of the ICFTU-affiliated trade unions of the six Common Market countries expressed their opinion that negotiations between Israel and the Common Market authorities should be opened without delay, in order to obtain a comprehensive and satisfactory solution for Israel’s problems. ” The six countries are France, Italy, West Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.