Conference of U.S. Rabbis Asks Germany to Continue Prosecution of Nazis
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Conference of U.S. Rabbis Asks Germany to Continue Prosecution of Nazis

The Rabbinical Council of America ended a three-day midwinter conference today with an appeal to the West German Government to extend the statute of limitations for the prosecution of Nazi war criminals beyond May 8. The 500 Crthodox delegates declared in their resolution that there should never be a statute of limitations for those “who have perpetrated such inhuman crimes against 6,000,000 Jews.”

In another resolution, the rabbis appealed to the United States Government to intercede with the West German Government for withdrawal of West German scientists and technicians working on advanced weapons systems as “weapons of destruction against Israel.”

The rabbis urged, in another resolution, that the U.S. State Department should make every effort to protect American business enterprises from the Arab boycott and to withhold United States aid to Arab states as long as the boycott was in effect. They also called on Soviet authorities to grant opportunities for free and unqualified religious freedom for the 3,000,000 Soviet Jews.

In another resolution, the U.S. Postmaster General was urged to stop the use of the mails for hate literature and thus to “restrain the influence of the foes of liberty.”

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