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Jordanian Air Force Trainees Buying Up Revolvers in Miami Gun Shops

Arab servicemen being trained at the Homestead Air Force Base near here in the operation and maintenance of F-104 jet fighters which the United States is supplying to the Kingdom of Jordan, have been canvassing gunshops in the downtown Miami area to buy small arms to take back to Jordan.

According to Jacob Chernofsky, managing editor of the Jewish Floridian, the Arab trainees have been visiting the gun stores seeking mainly Smith and Wesson .38 cal., “Bodyguard” revolvers. They bought up all available to them at more than $100 each and left orders for other types of small arms. At least one Jewish gunsmith refused to sell them weapons.

A Homestead Air Force Base spokesman said that six Jordanian pilots and 15 ground crew personnel, arrived for training here early in September. They were out looking for the guns a week later. Most of the Arab purchasers said they required the guns “for official use,” or “for gifts” or for “personal use.”