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Rep. Wilson Asks Rogers to Inject Korean Attack on U.S. Plane into Big 4 Agenda

Rep. Bob Wilson of California, National Republican Congressional Committee chairman, today urged Secretary of State William P. Rogers to broaden the Big Four Mideast talks “by injecting the North Korean attack on the United States reconnaissance aircraft into the agenda.” This, he said, would test Moscow’s asserted desire for peace. North Korea claimed the Navy plane with 31 aboard was shot down today when it invaded its air space; the U.S. claims it was some 90 miles off shore. Rep. Wilson said Russia depicts Israel as an aggressor that should be removed from the Suez cease-fire line. Citing the 38th parallel in Korea, another such line, he said that “since the Russians have greater influence with North Korea than with Egypt, let us test out the Big Four concept in advance and determine the degree of restraint they can impose on North Korea.” Moscow should be asked whether it has separate policies for Czechoslovakia, the Mideast and Korea, he said.