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Liberal Party Leader Says Arabs Must Recognize Israel Has Right in Mideast

Lord Byers, a leader of the Liberal Party, said last night that “Israel has a right to stay in the Middle East like the rest of the states in the region and cannot be expected to connive in her own destruction.” Addressing the annual meeting of the Anglo-Israel Association, Lord Byers stated that “as long as the Arabs are reluctant to admit that Israel has a right to existence and that the Jewish people have deep roots in Israel, there can be no solution to the Middle East problem.” He castigated those who believe the road to a Mideast peace can be found by dismantling Israel, and warned that such an attempt would lead to a “major” war. “A peace treaty, signed by both parties to the conflict and containing mutual commitments to each other, could bring peace to the Middle East.” Lord Byers said, adding: “Once Israel feels that she has security, no one need fear her.”