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New Daia President Says Group Strengthened by Influx of Sephardic Jews

“We don’t live in an idyllic epoch.” That remark was the theme of the inaugural statement by Dr. Zion Cohen-Imach who took office yesterday as the new president of the DAIA, the central representative body of Argentine Jewry. He said the unity of the Jewish community, support of Israel and support for the rights of Jews everywhere, particularly in the Soviet Union and the Arab states, were the main concerns of the organization. It will also continue to fight local anti-Semitism which “regrettably persists,” he said. Dr. Cohen-Imach, who is of Sephardic background, claimed that the organization was now strengthened by increased representation in its ranks from the Sephardic community. The DAIA, he said, “is a representative body but not politically factional.” With regard to national politics, he said it would continue to follow the course of neutrality set by his predecessor. Dr. Isaac Goldenberg.