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‘an Insult to Our Country’ B’nai B’rith Unit Condemns Anti-israel Ad

B’nai B’rith District 1 adopted a resolution last night denouncing an anti-Israel advertisement that appeared in the NY Times June 6 as “an insult to our country and her citizens who have been maligned.” The ad, inserted by Norman F. Dacey, an author and radio commentator of outspokenly anti-Israel views, condemned the Nixon administration for “blind support of Israel.”

The resolution, approved by acclamation by the 2000 delegates attending the 120th annual convention of District 1 here, noted that Dacey was “the paid guest of two Arab groups during a meeting in Kuwait.” It stated that “the content of that advertisement consisted of the amassing of generalizations, canards, lies, stereotypes and other untruths in order to provide some basis for an attack upon the President of the United States, our government, the proven loyalty of American Jewry and the State of Israel. This insult to our country and her citizens who have been maligned and vilified was motivated by a clear pro-Arab bias.”