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Markman, Seized for ‘hooliganism,’ Charged with Two More ‘crimes’

Jewish sources in the Soviet Union report that Vladimir Markman, who was arrested April 29 at the Sverdlovsk railway station for hooliganism and still awaits trial in Moscow, has been charged with two additional offenses. The first is Article 74 of the penal code, distribution of anti-Soviet propaganda, and the second is Article 190-191, sending abroad information which is deleterious to the Soviet Union and receiving pay for such information. Markman’s trial may begin early in August, the sources said.

In addition to the five Jewish prisoners of the Potma forced labor camp who were transferred last week to Pernskaya Oblast in the Western Urals, five more Potma prisoners are being sent to another camp in the same Pernskaya Oblast district, Jewish sources in the Soviet Union report. The five are: David Chernoglaz, Mark Dymshitz, Wolf Zalmanson and Yosif Mendelevich, all sentenced at the Leningrad trials of Dec., 1970, and a fifth unnamed prisoner.

The house of Lazar Lubarsky, a Rostow Jewish activist arrested July 17, on charges of anti-Soviet activities, was thoroughly searched recently by the police while his family was away. His wife was not allowed to enter her home for two days after the search, Jewish sources report. The authorities confiscated photos and important documents belonging to Lubarsky, which had been sent to him by the Ovir offices in Tbilisi, the sources said.