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Mcgovern Raps Soviet Rap

Sen. George McGovern, the Democratic Party Presidential candidate, said that the latest attack this week against him by the Soviet weekly, Za Rubezhon, the second time this month, “underscores the Kremlin’s callous disregard for fundamental human rights.” The Soviet weekly adopted a derisive tone toward McGovern’s concern about Soviet Jewry. Answering what he termed “the mockery of my position in support of Soviet Jewry,” the Democratic Presidential hopeful stated:

“The plight of Jews who wish to emigrate and are prevented by a huge exit tax is not a matter to be treated with derision. The cruel and erratic use of a ransom charge against would-be emigrants profoundly disturbs all who love freedom.” Continuing, McGovern declared: “While President Nixon remains silent, I will continue to speak out on Soviet Jewry’s struggle to be free. I will not fall victim to any scheme to embarrass and to silence those who fear for the safety of the Jewish community of the Soviet Union.”