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Will Strike Again Against German Targets Black September Warns Release of Terrorists Did Not Settle

The Black September organization warned West Germany today that Bonn’s compliance with the hijackers’ demands Sunday to release the three terrorists “did not settle accounts” and that it would “strike again at German targets inside and outside” German territory.

The warning was given by an anonymous caller who telephoned the French news agency, Agency France Presse, claiming to speak for the Black September. But the Palestine Liberation Office here issued a statement later denying the authenticity of the warning which it claimed was “the work of Zionist provocateurs.”

The Black September message laid down five conditions for the improvement of Arab- German relations. They included “the halt of German-Israeli collusion in the military, political and economic fields,” and the “punishment of those responsible for the Munich massacre.” The latter was obviously a reference to the West German police who shot it out with Arab terrorists in an abortive effort to rescue nine Israeli Olympic athletes held hostage by them. The Black September also demanded that West Germany halt the expulsion of Arab residents and permit those already ousted to return, and demanded payment in composition for the inconvenience they experienced. Bonn was also asked to legalize the Palestinian and Arab organizations which it outlawed after the Munich attack.