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Eec Keeping out of Mideast Embroglio, Envoy Says

Jean Beaumarchais, the new French Ambassador, told a group of diplomatic correspondents today that there was not the slightest likelihood of the European Economic Community taking the initiative in the Middle East. He said they were far from such coherence and common purpose.

Foreign Office sources stated today that the Sudanese President, Gen. Numeiri, discussed the Middle East with Sir Alec Douglas-Home, the Foreign Secretary, only in a general way, as one of a number of items on their agenda, and that no particular plans or ideas had been mentioned.

Fifteen letters by Albert Einstein, twelve of them typed and the rest handwritten, will go on sale in London April 4, it was announced today. The letters were written to the late Dr. Jacob Klatzkin, philosopher and editor of the Encyclopedia Judaica, between 1926-46. They are being sold by Kent M. Klatzkin, the son of the late philosopher. Other Einstein relics will also be on sale on this occasion.