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French Foreign Minister Urged to Intercede on Behalf of Iraqi Jews

A Gaullist Deputy called on Foreign Minister Michel Jobert today to “undertake diplomatic action on behalf of Iraq’s Jewish community.” Claude Gerard Marcus also asked the Foreign Minister to release any information the French Embassy in Baghdad may have on the fate of 16 missing Iraqi Jews. According to reports from various sources, Iraqi secret police murdered five members of the Kashkosh family in Baghdad on April 12. The victims were Reuven, his wife, Clementine, their sons, Samir and Fouad, and their daughter, Simha.

Referring to these reported killings, the World Jewish Congress today expressed its “extreme anxiety and indignation” and called on “men of good will” to “do everything possible” to save the Iraqi Jewish community. The WJC also reported that it had “alarming news” from Syria and said that three Jews–Nissi Katri; Joseph Swed and Albert Ella–are still imprisoned in Damascus. The WJC did not immediately disclose the nature of the alarming news.