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Mini-skirts Allowed in Knesset Sandals Sans Socks Barred

Yaacov Mizrachi, an MK of the ultra-Orthodox Agudat Israel faction wants to banish mini-skirts from the Knesset. Mizrachi complained that the brief skirts worn in the chamber by some female Knesset and faction staff members were indecorous. Knesset Speaker Israel Yeshayahu will rule on the complaint.

He will also rule on a complaint by Uri Avneri of the Haolam Hazch faction that the Jerusalem Post’s parliamentary correspondent, Asher Walfish, was refused admission to the Knesset building because he wore sandals without socks. Avneri, who himself is always nattily dressed, told a meeting of the Knesset house committee today that “Our forefather Abraham probably wore sandals without socks.” He said that in any event, it was accepted dress in Israel during the hot summer months.

Fifteen hundred Jerusalem high school pupils signed a petition today denouncing the “slow extermination” of Syrian and Iraqi Jewry.