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Mini-foster Plan for Children Who Survived Maalot Massacre Launched by New York Mother

A “concerned New York mother” has launched a mini-foster parents plan to give the surviving victims of last week’s Maalot carnage a one-month vacation in New York. Mrs. Jessica Klingman, of New York, began this plan by placing an ad in the classified section of this morning’s New York Times. The ad called on “Jewish mothers” to “forego (your) vacation. Enjoy August by inviting one of these darlings to your home.”

She explained to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that the scheme was not under the auspices of any social care organization, but was merely a personal undertaking. She said that by noon today, she had already received twenty phone calls, both from families willing to take children and individuals wishing to contribute fare money. She hopes to find accommodation for all the surviving children, though raising the necessary fares might be more difficult.

A family with a lakeside house in New York has already proposed a summer barbeque for the Israeli children, and museum trips and country visits are also being planned, Mrs. Klingman said. “We are going to get much more joy out of this than the children,” she stated. “Psychologically, we would like them to look forward to something, rather than look back to that bloody incident.”