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Demonstrations Greet Kissinger

Noisy but nonviolent anti-Kissinger demonstrations occurred here Saturday night leading to the arrests of two youths who tried to break through police barriers outside the King David Hotel. Massive security precautions were taken outside Premier Yitzhak Rabin’s residence yesterday morning while the Secretary of State was in conference with Israeli leaders but the demonstrations were not repeated.

They began here Saturday night with a mass rally organized by the “Gush Emunim,” the movement for unrestricted Jewish settlement on the West Bank. A crowd of about 7000, according to police estimates, massed on a parking lot near the Premier’s Office, waving banners and chanting “Kissinger Go Home.”

At the time, however, Kissinger and Rabin were meeting at the Premier’s official residence in the Rehavia section. When the demonstrators learned of this, large numbers headed for Rehavia but were blocked by barricades and riot police.