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‘fatahland’ Attacked Again

Three Israeli task forces swept through “Fatahland” for the fourth time last night in continuation of Israel’s mini-war against terrorist strongholds and communications in southern Lebanon. Four terrorists were killed and two Israeli soldiers were wounded in a fierce gun battle on the approaches to Shuba village, one of the main targets of the Israeli raiders. The wounded men were evacuated by helicopter to a hospital.

According to a military spokesman, a second Israeli force penetrated deeper into Lebanon and blew up a small bridge near Hebriyeh village in the northern salient of “Fatahland.” A third force attacked Hammam village about four kilometers north of Har Dov, a ridge of Mt. Hermon occupied by Israeli troops. A suspected terrorist was captured and brought back to Israel for questioning. Israeli artillery later shelled the northern reaches of “Fatahland” where the terrorists are concentrating their forces after being driven from the southern region closer to the Israeli border.