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Hassan Ali, Weizman to Meet in the Fall to Review Progress and Future Steps in the Peace Treaty

Defense Minister Kamal Hassan Ali of Egypt ended a three-day visit to Israel at Ben Gurion Airport today where an Israeli-Egyptian joint statement pledging to respect their peace treaty and to implement all provisions of its military annex was read at a press conference. Hassan Ali and Israeli Defense Minister Ezer Weizman also announced that they would meet again at the end of September or early in October to review progress mode in the military sphere and discuss future steps.

Both ministers thanked the Israeli-Egyptian joint military committee for its successful performance to date. It was apparent, however, from the answers given to reporters’ questions, that matters of policy are to be settled at the highest echelon, meaning by Premier Menachem Begin and President Anwar Sadat. This applies to the future of multinational peacekeeping forces in Sinai, American participation in it, and the future of the Gaza Strip. But with respect to implementing the military aspects of the peace treaty, Hassan Ali and Weizman appeared to have no trouble reaching agreement.

Hassan Ali said he was impressed by the warm welcome he and his aides received in Israel. He attributed it to “the blessings of peace.” The Egyptian minister was sent off with full military honors.