Kirkpatrick Considers the UN Palestinian Stamp a Grave Error
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Kirkpatrick Considers the UN Palestinian Stamp a Grave Error

Jeane Kirkpatrick, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, has criticized the issuance of a stamp by the United Nations which bears the inscription “Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.” The Stamp went on sale at the end of January despite charges before it went on sale that the stamp may legitimize terrorism.

Responding to protests by the Jewish Community Council of Metroplitian Boston over the issuance of the stamp, Kirkpatrick stated in a letter to Clifton Helman, Council president: “The Reagan Administration regards the issuance of this stamp as a grave error. Given the involvement of the Palestine Liberation Organization in worldwide terrorism, we will vigorously oppose such initiatives in the future.”

The response to the Council came after the Council sent letters to all members of the Massachusettes Congressional delegation as well as the State Department, protesting the issuance of the stamp.

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