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Reagan Urged to Open Files on War Criminals Recruited by U.S. Agencies

Emanuel Muravchik, executive director of the Jewish Labor Committee, called today on President Reagan to order a “fish-bowl” investigation into the recruitment by the State Department and other U.S. officials of Nazi collaborators for espionage and propaganda work.

Muravchik wired Reagan that the White House should, through an Executive Order, “open the existing files now being withheld from federal agencies and establish an immediate commission to work with the Congress and to expose and punish those guilty, no matter who, no matter how important, in government circles.”

He added: “Those guilty of cover up, frustrating deportation proceedings against known Nazi collaborators, participating in recruitment of persons known to have Nazi links, or having such links, should be tried and dismissed from any government service. Those who collaborated with the Nazis should be deported.”