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Yefet Ben-avraham Zadaka Dead at 87

Yefet Ben-Avraham Zadaka, leader of the Samaritan community in Israel, died last Friday in his home in Holon. He was 87 years old. He was buried in the Samaritan cemetery in Kiryat Shau. His father, Avraham Zadaka, was the first Samaritan to leave Nablus in 1905 to settle in Jaffa, bringing the Samaritan community into close contact with the Jewish community for the first time and laying the foundation for the Israeli-Samaritan community in Jaffa as an off-shoot of the main community in Nablus. Yefet Zakaka broke with Samaritan tradition when he married a Jewish woman in 1924. This has become a practice followed by many other Samaritans.