Costa Rica Boycotted by Arabs, Moslems
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Costa Rica Boycotted by Arabs, Moslems

The delegations of Arab and Moslem countries walked out of the annual conference of the International Labor Organization (ILO) here today in a gesture of protest against President Louis Alberto Monge of Costa Rica which recently moved its Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The delegates, joined by representatives of a number of African and Asian countries, filed slowly past the rostrum and out of the hall as Monge rose to speak. The Costa Rican President received a standing ovation however from the Western nations, led by the United States.

Arab sources said only 50 delegations of the 133 attending the conference remained to hear Monge. Half the seats were emptied. The Eastern bloc countries did not join the walkout but only a scattering of low-level delegates remained in their places for Monge’s speech.

Egypt and other Arab countries have severed diplomatic ties with Costa Rica and with El Salvador which has also moved its embassy to Jerusalem.