2 Persons Injured by Terrorist Bomb
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2 Persons Injured by Terrorist Bomb

Two persons were slightly injured in a terrorist bomb blast in Jerusalem this morning. The charge exploded behind a bus-stop on Mt. Scopus, site of the Hebrew University campus.

The capital’s Police Chief, Inspector Haim Albaldes, warned the public once again to keep a watchful eye open — especially during this holiday period.

Last week, citizens’ wariness prevented a terror tragedy in the heart of the ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim quarter. A car filled with gas cannisters and explosives was left parked on the roadside just near the Four Species market where Jerusalemites come each year before Sukkot to buy the lulav and etrog for the festival.

Meanwhile, Jerusalem police have indicated they will probably not press charges against a 65-year-old Petah Tikva man, Meir Braverman, who shot and killed an Arab near Herod’s gate early Tuesday morning. Braverman said the victim, Hassan Hussain Mashara, had attacked Braverman’s wife as the couple stood by Mashara’s fresh bagel stall.

Eyewitnesses broadly bore out Braverman’s version, and local people noted that Mashara, 38, has a long history of mental illness. Braverman was released on bail over Yom Kippur and told to return to Jerusalem police headquarters today for further questioning.