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Son of Prominent Moscow Refuseniks Threatened with Military Conscription

Soviet authorities have threatened Efraim Rozenshtein, the 17-year-old son of prominent Moscow refuseniks Grigory and Natalia Rozenshtein, with military conscription within seven months, thus dimming the family’s hope for emigration, it was announced by the National Conference on Soviet Jewry. The family has been refused visas since 1974, on the grounds that Grigory possessed “state secrets” in 1965. Grigory, a doctor of Computer Science, had resigned from his post at the Science Research Institute for Instrument Automization, in anticipation of filing emigration applications for himself, his wife and their two sons, Efraim and Mikhail. Mikhail had applied on his own for a visa in 1978, and was also refused. Official promises to grant a visa never materialized.