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UJC gives thumbs up to Napolitano

Barack Obama’s rumored pick for Secretary of Homeland Security is Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, and the United Jewish Communities is praising the selection. The organization works with the Department of Homeland Security to obtain government funding for security improvements at non-profit institutions. Here’s a link to UJC’s vice president for public policy and Washington office director William Daroff interviewing Napolitano about two years ago, discussing immigration reform and faith-based initiatives, and here are Daroff’s comments today:

Governor Janet Napolitano is a long-time friend of the Jewish community.  Her efforts on behalf of Jewish social service agencies in Arizona have been exemplary.  Governor Napolitano’s efforts to reform Medicaid in a caring and compassionate way have been a model for other states across the country. Her relationship with the Jewish federations and Jewish communities in Phoenix and Tuscon give us confidence that she understands the unique threats posed to Jewish communal institutions in the post 9/11 world.  Therefore, we are hopeful that she will be supportive of UJC’s efforts to continue and expand the Non-profit Security Grant Program, which provides needed funds to protect non-profit institutions from terror.