Accused spy passed data to Israel, prosecutors say
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Accused spy passed data to Israel, prosecutors say

(JTA) — An alleged American spy passed classified material to Israel, U.S. prosecutors said.

Stewart Nozette, a U.S. government scientist who was caught last month in a sting operation, told an undercover FBI agent who he thought was an Israeli Mossad agent that he had passed information to Israel in the past, the prosecution said during an Oct. 30 hearing in U.S. District Court in Washington.

Though prosecutors said that Nozette transmitted information to Israel, the official charges do not contain those allegations.

Nozette, a Maryland resident who had demanded an Israeli passport from the undercover agent in exchange for information and had gold Krugerrand coins worth tens of thousands of dollars hidden in a safe deposit box in California, was named a flight risk by Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson and ordered held without bail until trial.

Nozette worked for several decades on U.S. government science and space projects and had a high-level security clearance.