That Aching Matzah Belly
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That Aching Matzah Belly

The Passover haggadah hopes that next year we will all be free, but what about now? Does consuming all that matzah have you feeling a little less "free" than usual?
To keep you on the march to freedom, no less a food authority  than Bon Appetit magazine has published a timely "5 Ways to Cure Matzo Belly."
Start out by not eating so much of the stuff, the article suggests:
..matzo is sneaky, and when the dietary laws of Passover are in action, this infamous unleavened bread suddenly makes a fantastic vehicle for a thick coating of butter, a drizzle of honey, and a pinch of salt. And suddenly the box is empty. But resist. Why? Stomach pains.
Thankfully the article provides us with five ways to cure what the author calls, "The Muchos Matzos."