Weisz weds Craig: Together they have played many Jews
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Weisz weds Craig: Together they have played many Jews

The groom has been a Jewish partisan fighting the Nazis, a Mossad agent hunting down Palestinian terrorists… and, at present, he’s gainfully employed as Agent 007 in Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

After having been cast in some of Hollywood’s highest-profile Jewish roles (and as James Bond), the fair-haired Englishman Daniel Craig is now married to one of Hollywood’s highest-profile Jewish actresses: Rachel Weisz.

The pair recently wedded in a small ceremony in New York. They became an item after working together on the forthcoming “Dream House.”

Weisz, a Briton whose parents fled the Nazis, has acted in some Jewish films and roles herself (“Sunshine,” “Enemy at the Gates”). Ten years ago she spoke with the Guardian about deciding not to adopt a less Jewish-sounding screen name.

Until recently, Weisz had been among the relatively small ranks of Jewish celebrities with Jewish significant others. Last year, she split with acclaimed filmmaker Darren Aronofsky after nine years together.

Here’s Weisz, a few years back, showing Vogue around her stomping grounds in New York’s East Village:

Here’s Craig fighting Nazis in “Defiance”: