Introducing the JTA Weekender
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Introducing the JTA Weekender

Exciting news: This week marks the launch of our new Friday newsletter The JTA Weekender.

We give you plenty of Jewish-related breaking news, features and analysis during the rest of the work week, so this will be our chance to send you into the weekend with a lighter look at the Jewish world. The centerpiece of The Weekender will be The Friday Five, a weekly list of people who are making a significant impact in the Jewish world — be it on the global stage or around the neighborhood.

You can sign up for the free JTA Weekender here (and, if you don’t receive our Daily Briefing e-mail, you can sign up for that, too!).

And this is where you come in: We need your help! Every Wednesday starting right now, go to our Facebook page (you have to “like” us first!) and find the post calling for Friday Five nominees. Just add your nominee to the comments on that post, along with a brief explanation.  JTA’s editors will consider all the comments when selecting The Friday Five.