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Macca-b-boys Rosh Hashanah video: Book of Rock or Book of Shlock?

For the love of the chosen people, must we keep peddling parody?

The latest Rosh Hashanah YouTube video — a parody of LMFAO "Party Rock Anthem" — features black-and-white-clad yeshiva bochurim breakdancing to a shofar-laden chorus. The video was produced by, the online division of the Jerusalem-based Jewish educational and outreach organization. Of note, the lyrics were written by the original king of Jewish parody, Lenny Solomon of Shlock Rock fame.

So, which yeshiva boys get inscribed in your Book of Shlock–Maccabeats or Macca-b-boys? Sound off on our Facebook wall. Video after the jump:


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UPDATE: As cited in the credits, the video isn’t an ad-hoc assembly of breakdancing haredi marauders. It’s professional Israeli breakdance crew Lions of Zion. Watch below and skip to 0:55 if you want to see a crew member trying payos on for size:

[Disclosure: Shoot East, the production company behind this Aish HaTorah video, generously let me borrow their equipment in 2008 for a Purim video I produced for Bible Raps.]