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Birthday haiku for Les Moonves

Les Moonves was in charge of CBS TV when Dennis Franz played David Ben Gurion. Umm, pretty sure Leo was around in 1998, no? (David Shankbone, CC)


Franz as Ben-Gurion:

“NYPD Blue and White”

Make great-uncle proud


Happy birthday Les Moonves (62). We’re still kinds surprised that you were cool letting Dennis Franz play Ben-Gurion on CBS, the latter being your great-uncle and all.

P.S. Pardon me? You think Ben-Gurion is four syllables? Sorry, holmes. Israelis pronounce it in three. Holy Land tongue twister if you will.

At any rate, if you want to question anyone’s judgment today, ask the birthday boy why he let Dennis Franz play his great-uncle in front of a nationally televised audience.