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Celebs to McDonalds: “I’m Hatin’ It”

Move over, PETA. Alicia Silverstone (our Jewish hook here), Ryan Gosling, and Zooey Deschanel (to name a few of the 10 irate celebrities involved) are metaphorically throwing red paint all over McDonald’s fur coat. After a recent controversy, the fast-food giant immediately severed ties with Sparboe farms, an egg supplier accused of engaging in animal cruelty. Although McDonald’s responded swiftly by dropping the company and having cage free egg policies in Europe, this is not enough for the sensitive folk of Los Angeles.

A number of celebrities (as in, the ones mentioned above) banded together to write a letter to the company, decrying its lack of animal rights policies and encouraging it to bring the cage-free policies to America. “While McDonald’s brags about the ‘billions and billions served,’ millions of hens exploited for your restaurants are being grossly underserved,” the letter states in a serious, yet punning manner. “In fact, these animals are being abused in ways that would land your egg suppliers in jail, if dogs or cats were the victims.” (Feel free to read the rest of the letter here.)