Jason Alexander not happy with Romney’s flubbed ‘Seinfeld’ reference
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Jason Alexander not happy with Romney’s flubbed ‘Seinfeld’ reference

In Last night’s GOP debate in Mesa, Ariz., presidential hopeful Mitt Romney spiced things up by adding a quote from the popular show “Seinfeld.” While the crowds applauded him at the end of a short statement, Romney chuckled and said: “As George Costanza would say, ‘When they’re applauding, stop.’”

Apparently Romney got himself into a double pickle: the quote, according to Buzzfeed, is not even George’s, but Jerry’s from episode 172, “The Burning”:

JERRY: Showmanship, George. When you hit that high note, you say goodnight and walk off.

And in addition, Jason Alexander, who played Costanza, wasn’t happy about the reference either, tweeting:

Thrilled Gov. Romney enjoys my old character. I enjoyed the character he used 2 b 2. If he’d embrace that again, he’d b a great candidate.

Should Romney apologize? George would probably say that he can stuff his sorries in a sack, mister.