Drake re-bar mitzvah makes the best R-rated party
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Drake re-bar mitzvah makes the best R-rated party

Drake being re-bar-mitzvah'd

Drake released the music video for his song “HYFR” (Hell Yeah F***ing Right) and it is quite, umm, festive.

The song begins with real footage of little Drake (or Aubrey Graham, which is his real name) saying “Mazal Tov” and dancing with fellow young Jews, as we find out he is a late bloomer, since he looks young for a 13-year old.

The music video itself is awesome. It’s a “bar mitzvah” of the sort that one would expect from a 20-something rapper — complete with cake, lots of alcohol and Lil’ Wayne in a panda mask. The song’s lyrics, by the way, have no connection whatsoever to the occasion, and include lines such as, “Are you single? I heard you f***d your girl, is it true? You getting money? You think them ni**as you with is wit’ you?”

So don’t expect klezmer musicians to pop in the middle, and definitely don’t plan on playing it at an actual bar mitzvah, unless you want to scare the guests away. “HYFR” is just an extremely catchy Drake song (and a potential summer hit) with a bar mitzvah music video.

Watch it here, though it’s definitely explicit, so beware.