Bar Refaeli and Shaun White: Could it be?
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Bar Refaeli and Shaun White: Could it be?

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli told Conan O’Brien that men usually fail to make moves on her, and apparently one person seemed to take notes – Olympic Snowboarder Shaun White. One of the biggest mysteries in the gossip world right now is whether Refaeli is dating the ginger two-time gold medalist.

According to New York Post, the two were seen at a SoHo lounge “dancing, hugging and kissing.” According to the Refaeli tradition, it was also accompanied with a tweet and instagram, which read: “@Shaun_White. :) such a cool guy.”

TMZ announced that if it is true and White-Refaeli are an item, it may be the greatest accomplishment in the history of gingers.

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