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Watch Sacha Baron Cohen’s 97-year-old grandma teaching seniors how to exercise


Sacha Baron Cohen is currently in Israel for a quick visit with his wife and daughter. Baron Cohen got to Israel last night, and immediately went to Bat Yam, a small town south of Tel Aviv, to visit his grandmother Liesel Weiser.

Apparently Baron Cohen and his beloved grandmother are extremely close, because he sends her a bouquet of flowers once a week from wherever he is in the world.

97-year-old Weiser, who currently lives in a residential home, is also an exercise teacher with more than 75 years of experience.

Baron Cohen was rumored to have visited Israel twice in the last month, both for the President’s Conference (dressed as The Dictator, of course) and also for the Madonna concert — but in fact he didn’t make it either time. He is set to meet with Shimon Peres (who Baron Cohen idolizes) later this week, though it is unclear whether he will be in his “Dictator” costume. According to reports, Israelis who wanted to take pictures with Baron Cohen were refused because he claimed he is “not allowed to have his photo taken without his Dictator costume.”

Watch his grandma giving an exercise class.

(thanks to Abbanibi for the find)