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The Adventures of Moishe Batmann And Tzabar Szpeiderman (SONG)

Batman and Superman are the hottest tickets in Hollywood right now, so a dude named Sauce Magnusson(?) wrote this song about the Jewish superheroes Moishe Batmann And Tzabar Szpeiderman – protectors of Tel Aviv.  It’s also available on iTunes. Listen to it below (lyrics in available here).

Song highlights:

My name is Moishe Batmann and I patrol the night
Protecting Tel Aviv from crime and other blights

My lair’s in the shadow of Rishon Leziyyon,
There I park my bat-scooter when I get home!

My partner who help in the fight
Tzabar Spiderman, he know what’s right!
He makes me keep kashrut and no crime fight,
on the holy Shabbat night!