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Watch The Lonely Island’s new video, ‘Spring Break Anthem’

The middle of the week is never an easy time, but lucky for everyone with Internet access, jokey boy band “The Lonely Island” is here to help. They’ve just launched “Wack Wednesdays,” where they release a video–yep–every Wednesday until June 11, when their new album, “The Wack Album,” comes out.

The series kicks off this week with “Spring Break Anthem,” a fake interview/sort of fake music video mash up. It opens with Zach Galifianakis grilling Jewish actor James Franco for a segment of “Between Two Ferns.” Then it cuts to the band rapping about partying and gay weddings. The Lonely Island boys are two thirds Jewish–Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer are tribe members; Jorma Taccone is not, but after hanging out with those other two guys and appearing on “Girls” (as Booth Jonathan) he practically is, right?