Old Spice guy does another Israel commercial
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Old Spice guy does another Israel commercial


Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa has taken his act to Israel… again.

Two months after sporting a suit and tie for a Maccabee beer ad, the actor has gone shirtless again for Old Spice with an ad called “Israeli men.”

The minimalist ad sports Mustafa posing in front of a shower donning a towel around the waist, peppering his homage to the Israeli manly-man, or “gever gever,” with Hebrew slang.

“They eat manly food like shawarma, matbucha and gefilte fish,” he deadpans to the camera.

The ad borrows the look of Old Spice’s award-winning social media campaign from 2010, though without the campaign’s quintessential real-time element.

Still, the low tech version of the famous “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign is a safe play for Old Spice, adapting a fan favorite to the Israeli market.

Think Old Spice will teach Terry Crews how to say “odor blocker” in Hebrew?