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Woody Allen scores with ‘Blue Jasmine’

(Photo by Colin Swan)

(Photo by Colin Swan)

It’s no “Wolverine” or anything, but Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” is one of the biggest hits of the summer so far–relatively speaking.

According to the Los Angeles Times the movie brought in $612,767 this weekend, which might sound modest for a summer flick, but keep in mind it was only screened in six venues. At $102,128 per theater, “Blue Jasmine,” starring Cate Blanchett, is the highest grossing limited release film of the year. It also beats out Allen’s former record, set by “Midnight in Paris,” which earned $99,834 per theater when it opened two years ago.

“Blue Jasmine” will play in 1,000 locations nationwide by August 23, and if it continues to follow in the footsteps of that last film, it’ll be in good shape. “Midnight in Paris” ultimately earned $56.8 million and garnered four Academy Award nominations.