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Elsewhere: Foster Wallace and the Talmud, Zion Golan in Yemen, irreplaceable Foxman

The need for ritual equality: In an open letter, a high school student delineates the need for women to engage on equal footing in the Orthodox world.  (Haaretz)

David Foster Wallace and the Talmud: Discovering David Foster Wallace’s intricate texts led Joseph Winkler back to the Talmud studies he had once engaged in. (Tablet)

Irreplaceable Foxman: After Abe Foxman’s retirement, the ADL won’t be the same organization, JJ Goldberg writes. (Forward)

Israeli singer’s popularity in Yemen: Zion Golan has become an unlikely hit in Yemen, a country he is barred from traveling to.  (Reuters)

Palestinians’ West Bank quandary: Many Palestinians work for Israelis in the West Bank, leading to personal feelings of conflict. (N.Y. Times)