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That time John Glenn wrote me a letter in 1961

That time John Glenn wrote me a letter in 1961

As a young space-struck girl, Ruth Ellen Gruber wrote the hero astronaut a letter. He wrote her back.

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Israel’s Junior Mr. Universe credits Orthodox upbringing for success

John Glenn prior to a training session at the Johnson Space Center (NASA via Getty Images)

The 4 eras of John Glenn

Dr. Joanna Slusky, a professor of molecular biosciences and computational biology at the University of Kansas, at work in her lab. (Sarah Mullinax)

This Jewish woman’s research may save millions of lives

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United States

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, left, and Andy Lassner (Twitter)

Shmuley Boteach tweets photo with Bannon, gets into one-sided feud with ‘Ellen’ producer

The celebrity rabbi warned Andy Lassner that he knows his "secrets" after the producer said Boteach's tweet showed he only cares about fame.

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Israel & Middle East

An aerial view of Israel's largest settlement, Maale Adumim, March 12, 2008. (David Silverman/Getty Images)

Bill to legalize West Bank outposts on Palestinian land passes first reading in Knesset

The bill, which the attorney general maintains is in violation of local and international law, must pass two more readings to become a law.

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Fighting Back from Adversity, Kirk Douglas Recalls ‘Stroke of Luck’


Election of Former Klansman is Condemned by Jewish Leaders

Women of the Wall members bringing Torahs to the Western Wall, Nov. 2, 2016. (Screenshot from Twitter)

American Jews protest in solidarity with Women of the Wall

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Manuel Valls, second from left, hosting a delegation of the Conference of European Rabbis at his office in May 2015. (Eli Itkin/Conference of European Rabbis)

In Manuel Valls, French Jews get a presidential candidate they can trust

A hardliner who's married to a Jewish woman and has called anti-Zionism a form of anti-Semitism, the French prime minister's candidacy has changed the race for many Jews.

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From 70 Faces Media


Eggnog Donuts Recipe for Chrismukkah


Leonard Cohen’s Vacation in Castro’s Cuba


What Every Grocery Store Gets Wrong About Hanukkah

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Life & Culture

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer says she’s a ‘great choice’ to portray Barbie, slams critics

Some social media users said the Jewish comedian's weight did not make her a good fit to portray the iconic doll in a movie.

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