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The eclipse was exhilarating. Life-changing? Not so much.

First Person

The eclipse was exhilarating. Life-changing? Not so much.

A brief but brilliant distraction from a rush of dispiriting current events.

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‘Adopt-a-Nazi’ campaign raises funds to counter a white nationalist rally in San Francisco

Billy Joel

Billy Joel wears yellow Star of David during concert encore

Polish Jewish feud intensifies as one leader calls others ‘court Jews’

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United States

Stephen Bannon reportedly ‘going to war’ against Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner

Bannon reportedly called Kushner "a dope" and lobbied President Trump “aggressively” to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

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Life & Culture

Cue the camels! Israelis are throwing themselves one-of-a-kind outdoor weddings

An industry has emerged around the bespoke outdoor events, offering an alternative to the traditional wedding hall blowout. 

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From the JTA Archives

Solar eclipse ‘field day’ for testing Einstein theories

War Veterans to Issue Nazi Boycott Seals

2 New Yiddish Dailies to Appear in Paris

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The Barcelona Jewish community is not doomed

The capital of Spain’s Catalonia region is a dynamic Jewish melting pot, writes the director of its organized Jewish community.

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From 70 Faces Media

Spiced Lamb and Hummus Stuffed Arepas Recipe

Emma Goldman’s Ice Cream Parlor Bankrolled Her Anarchism

I Thought This Cartoon Would Be Cute—But It Was Anti-Semitic

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Israel & Middle East

Arthur J. Finkelstein

Arthur Finkelstein, political strategist who made ‘liberal’ a dirty word, dies

Finkelstein helped elected Ricahrd Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Benjamin Netanyahu, Republican senators including Orrin Hatch and Ariel Sharon as Israeli prime minister.

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