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Bob Dylan to accept his Nobel Prize in Stockholm

Bob Dylan to accept his Nobel Prize in Stockholm

The Swedish Academy will hand over his Nobel diploma and Nobel medal in a "small and intimate" setting with no media present.

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Iconic ad agency renames itself after Jewish founders who faced anti-Semitism

Jewish Voice for Peace

When politics gets in the way of Jewish giving

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United States

Charles Schumer

Party leaders offer partisan shots at AIPAC conference

Nancy Pelosi read a letter drafted by J Street and signed by most House Democrats backing a two-state solution, while Mitch McConnell ripped the polices of former President Obama.

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Israel & Middle East

Millions of Israeli children said at risk of stunted development, possibly from desalinated water

Israel’s first-ever national survey of iodine levels in the population revealed widespread deficiencies, which could mean millions of children will not reach their intellectual potential.

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From the JTA Archives

First Phase of German-Jewish Compensation Talks Nears Completion

Boy Scout Leaders Appeal for More Jewish Members Throughout Country

Jew Cannot Adopt Catholic Child, Court Rules

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Nadiya Savchenko

Ukrainian war hero and lawmaker slurs Jews

"I have nothing against Jews," said Nadiya Savchenko, adding that they wield excessive power in her country.

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From 70 Faces Media

Netflix Asks: Who Murdered This 13-Year-Old Israeli Girl?

Ina Garten’s 5 Best Passover Recipes

This Hasidic Couple Opened Up About Their Secret Life as Swingers

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Life & Culture

Switched at Birth

‘Switched at Birth’ gets an interfaith marriage dilemma just right

A teen drama finds unexpected nuance when a Jewish mom and Christian dad have a baby.

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